Therapy in english

Are you looking for therapy in English in Copenhagen? You might think that your mental health is in some way diminished. That you are inflicted with a specific condition like stress, anxiety or depression. Or maybe you just feel that something is not quite right with you? That life could be better? Or that you need help to facilitate personal growth or enhance your performance at home or at work?

Whatever the case, I would like to help you, and you are welcome in my office.

I offer psychotherapy in English to native and non-native English speakers in a relaxed setting. You can schedule an appointment by phone, e-mail, chat or SMS. Usually, I will be able to find time for you within the week.

Therapy booking and prices

My fee is DKK 950,- per session of individual therapy, the duration is 50 minutes.
Couples therapy is DKK 1750,- per session, the duration is 90 minutes.

If you need my help - or for further inquiries - please get in touch.


53 68 87 01

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